The Muse Offers…


Turning the Demon Depression into a Creature of F&*king Beauty


90 Day Tarot Alchemy Program

Show the demon who’s boss and use it to your own advantage. As a muse. As a topic. As a motivation.

Celebrate Depression as something you have, something you have overcome, and something that has made you become the empathic, tolerant, sensitive, nurturing people that you are.


Mental health focussed Tarot spread

One pdf tarot alchemy session using a mental health tarot spread created by me. This spread will show you how to manage your depression while clearing up any misconceptions you may have.

With the help of the Tarot you’ll begin to see how you can live well with your depression rather than wasting more time and energy trying to get rid of it.


Daily shadow work service

Every weekday morning (5 days per week) I’ll tune into your energy and send you a journal prompt for the day.

Each shadow shot will give you a chance to integrate your shadows and improve your life.

This service is paid for monthly, in advance, and gives you a total of 20 shadow work prompts per month.

At the end of each month, I’ll send you a form that will help you identify the themes that are recurring in your journal work and your future shadow prompts will be adapted to help you work through those themes.


Journey through the tarot, card by card.

Each week, I’ll send you a brief video with an in-depth analysis of a tarot card and an explanation of how you can use this card to manage your Depression.

You’ll also receive a meditation audio and daily prompts regarding the tarot card of the week.

The course is divided into major and minor arcana and payment options are available.


Cover for the Gratitude & Shit Journal

The Gratitude & Shit journal is not full of love and light but it does get the job done. You can be grateful, and you can express that gratitude, without sounding like you’ve just dropped from “heaven” and your halo is still shiny.

Even darkside dwellers need to be grateful and this journal has spaces for you to be so in different areas of your life. Unlike other gratitude journals though, it won’t make you feel sick to your stomach while you’re doing it.

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