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I still remember my first bout of Depression. The first anti-depressants I tried, I was in my early 20’s and I’d started crying one morning and couldn’t stop.

Every time I blinked I fell asleep. My eyesight was blurred and I was unbelievably thirsty. I could barely remember my own name.

Then there was the therapist that didn’t bother to hide her boredom and the self-care books that made me feel like a failure, because
I couldn’t “think positively.

And I mustn’t forget the Doctor who told me that he was súre I’d feel better if I lost weight or the family member who told me how awful her life was to show me that I had nothing to complain about.

But perhaps the most crippling thing was my own certainty that there was something badly wrong with me because I couldn’t get my shit
together. At all.

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